Book: bridging the class divide
Sunday, August 5, 2012 at 8:35AM
David Jewell in Raised poor, Working Class

This is a quick look at a profound book: Linda Stout, a raised-poor woman in western North Carolina discovers that middle-class people talk over her, ignore her and generally dismiss her insights and experiences. 

In 1984 Linda decides to organize poor people in her home region for social justice—jobs, health care and basic services. She starts the Piedmont Peace Project as a person-to-person organizing and social action group to influence her congressman and challenge some of the injustices that are visited on poor people like herself. By 1996 the PPP has organized in twelve counties and begun to have significant influence that brings her national attention. 

With some outside help she writes a book about her experience of organizing among poor people, bridging the class divide: Lessons for Grassroots Organizing

I will be writing about these experiences and the continuing impact of Linda’s work in future posts. Check the link to her current work.


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